Hospital to Home

What is Hospital to Home?
Hospital to home is the name of my baby scrub company.
What sizes are available?
As of now the sizes range from Premie to 4T.
How much are the scrubs?
Size premie to 18 months= $19.99
2T to 4T =$29.99
How do I pay?
An email from google checkout will be sent to your email, payment link is in that email. Once payment is confirmed, order will ship within 4 days.
About the Scrubs:
All the baby scrubs are made out of 100% cotton.
You can learn more about the scrubs by visiting my website: or by emailing me at . Look forward to hearing from you!

Please Note:

All the pictures you see here are examples to show you how the scrubs look while being worn. They are also to show you a variety of sizes. The fabric you see may or may not be available.
Please email any special requests to .
Available scrubs are listed at the bottom of the page under "For Sale".


Premie sizes are also available. Here is premie Gracie wearing her scrubs in the hospital.

Newborn size scrubs

The newborn scrubs range from 0 to 3 months depending on the baby. They are a great gift for a newborn and are an adorable outfit to bring baby home in!!

Newborn scrubs

Newborn scrubs
Baby Ethan on his way home from the hospital

Toddler Scrubs

Toddler Scrubs
Jaxson thinks it is fun to put things in the pocket.

Baby Tuxedos

My latest project, baby tuxedos. I know how hard it is to find anything cute for baby boys, especially when it comes to a special event such as a blessing, wedding, or even sadly a funeral. I am sure many of you are in the same boat and I hope this helps!
The baby tux comes in a package for $35: you get a jacket, pants, bow tie, and coverbun.
The coverbun is held in place by small hooks, that way the jacket stays close to the body and the coverbun doesn't ride up to their neck.
*special note: does not come with white button up shirt*
There are a few tux options for you:
Tux: white or black
Stripe down pant leg: white, blue, black, or your choice
bow tie & coverbun: blue, white, black, or your choice of fabric.
Sizes: Are premie to 12months only.

For Sale:

Anything you see below is available for purchase.
Premie to 18months= $19.99
2T to 5T=$29.99

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

3-6 month Tux

Here is a 3-6 month Tux that I did for my friend whose baby was being blessed. She wanted the color of the bow tie and coverbun to be silver. It turned out really cute! Thanks Aubrey for sending a picture!!
Damon is soo cute!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Theme scurbs

Here is an example of some scrubs that you can get if your child likes a certain movie or character.
These were for a 4 year old little boy that had to have surgery. He thought they were awesome!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Newborn scrubs

Here is a picture of newborn baby Drake wearing his scrubs. Welcome home Drake!! It was a big hit with the Nurses!!

Scrub Pictures

Here is a picture of Karly and Stetson wearing their scrubs. Thanks Laura for the pictures!!


Here is an example of some newborn NFL scrubs. Teams are available on request.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

2T Scrubs

Here is a picture of Destiny wearing her size 2T scrubs. Thanks Jess for the pictures!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's Here

My website is here, we are still working out the kinks and adding things, but it's here. Go check it out.
As soon as we add a shopping cart, you can order online. Let me know what you think:)